Wolfenstein RPG released into the app store

August 12, 2009

Back in March John Carmack and id software released Wolfenstein 3D. It was the first true first person shooter released into the app store. Its success and popularity resulted in John Carmack’s release of Doom Resurrection,  the production of Doom, and now the release of Wolfenstein RPG.  Wolfenstien RPG follows Sergeant B.J. Blazkowicz as he battles through Castle Wolfenstein in 9 levels.  The game play is a mixture of RPG and first person elements. The RPG element can definitely increase the playtime and it is listed in the app store that there is 8 hours of game play. Even though it was only released today, so far based on 7 reviews in the app store it currently has a rating of 4 1/2 stars. If you liked Wolfenstein 3D and enjoy RPG’s then this a good pick up. It is currently $4.99.

Wolf RPG icon

Wolf RPG pic 1

Wolf RPG pic 2

Gameplay of Wolfenstein RPG provided via appbank.net


Minigore updates

August 12, 2009

Minigores second update has already been submitted to the app store. The second update includes a third health clover,  faster firing rate of the shotgun, automatic save and restore (if you quite out of your game by accident it’ll start you back where you left off), and an update to OpenFeint (online service for Minigore).

Mountain Sheep is in the works already of a third update. As of right now the update will include an insane mode, giant furry mode, and a normal fire furry mode.

This information was provided via Minigores blog.

Duke Nukem 3D released into the app store

August 11, 2009

Duke Nukem 3D has finally been released into the app store at $2.99 for a one day special.  Duke Nukem was one of the popular first person shooters in the late 90’s. Click the icon below to go to the app store to download.

Duke Nukem icon

Duke Nukem pic

Duke Nukem pic 2

Gameplay video footage of Modern Combat: Sandstorm

August 8, 2009

A twitter use Carlo Santos has posted a video on twit vid of gameplay footage of Modern Combat: Sandstorm. Check it out here Modern Combat footage

Gamelofts NFL 2010 has been released

August 6, 2009

NFL 2010 is now available to purchase in the app store. It is currently priced at $7.99. Click on the icon to go to the app store to download.

NFL 2010 icon

NFL 2010 pic 1

Star Defense drops price again to $1.99

August 5, 2009

Star Defense has dropped price from $2.99 to $1.99. There is no guarantee but since Star Defense has dropped twice, it may drop one more time to $0.99. Click the icon below to go to the app store to download.

star defense

star defense pic 1

Game play footage of Star Defense via dailymobile

Touch Physics now $0.99

August 5, 2009

Touch Physics is a puzzle game. The objective of the game is to draw shapes to get a ball to a touch star which will be placed differently in each level. There is also Crayon Physics Deluxe which Touch Physics is a copy cat of. Touch Physics is a nice alternative if you don’t want to drop $5 for Crayon Physics. There is a lite version of Touch Physics if you’d like to try it out before you buy it.

Touch Physics touch physics lite

touch physics pic1

Game play video