Zenonia finally out!

May 25, 2009

Zenonia pic

Finally one of the most anticipated appsĀ  Zenonia has been released into the app store. Zenonia is said to have 40+ hours of game play. You will also have 3 different types of characters to choose which you can also choose to be good or evil. It is currently priced at $5.99. It looks amazing and is a must have game from the app store. Click the icon below to go directly to the app store to purchase Zenonia.

Zenonia icon


7 Days Apocalypse on sale for $0.99

May 23, 2009

7 Days Apocalypse is on sale right now for $0.99 until its new update goes through. There was an error found by the developer so instead of seeing an update this weekend, it won’t show up till middle to late next week. Definitely pick this game up if you liked iDracula. Link below to the game in the iTunes store.


Zenonia still not out

May 23, 2009

Zenonia is an RPG game created by Gamevil. It is said to have over 40+ hours of gameplay. It was very popular and successful in Korea. It was submitted to Apple on May 15th. Gamevil guessed for a May 22nd release and unfortunately it was a no show in the app store. Hopefully it will hit the app store by the weekend or Monday. Here is a developer walkthrough of Zenonia if you haven’t already seen it: Zenonia: Developer Walkthrough

Here is a link to Gamevil’s forums to look at pictures and to download wall papers: Wallpapers to download

To follow Gamevil on Twitter click on this link: Gamevil on Twitter


Car Jack Streets on sale for $0.99 till Monday!

May 23, 2009

Car Jack Streets is on sale for Memorial Day weekend till Monday. It’s only a $0.99 and it is normally $2.99. It was $4.99 when it was first released. It is a GTA like game. There have been complaints about bugs in the game. It is still worth investing $0.99. At most you’ll have to wait till the update comes to fully enjoy the game if you run into problems with it. Link below to go directly to purchase it.


Lack of updates

May 23, 2009

Just got out of school for summer and i’ve been trying to find an internship. Hopefully I can pick back up with the updates.